I recently starting working out with Areyo aka “Mr. Discipline” about 3 months ago and let me tell you what a difference he has made in my body already!  My goal was to only lose just 5 lbs and maintain as well as toning up my body, and gain muscle weight which I did and have never seen results as quicker with Areyo than I have with many other trainers that I have worked out with in the past.

Areyo recommended documenting pictures to keep track of my body results every 6 weeks, which I have and it’s crazy to see how much my stomach, waist, and thighs have shrunk! His technique in training is very unique and different than anyone else that I have worked out with and he always surprises you with new moves and keeps you on your toes! I’m not one to sweat too much during workouts, but since I’ve started interval/circuit training with Areyo I have been dripping in sweat and just shows how much he is working my body out!

Areyo is very friendly, but strict hence why he’s Mr. Discipline! He will go above and beyond and write you out a diet plan to follow and workouts to do on your own time while not training with him. What’s great is he will always tries to accommodate you, works around your schedule and will drive to you which is awesome! I highly recommend training with Areyo and I guarantee you will be happy with the transformation of your body! I know I have and it feels great that friends and family have been noticing too and telling me how great I look. Thank you, Mr. Discipline you rock! =)

Lilly M.