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Bulgarian Bag

It is the ultimate fitness tool for serious athletes and the average fitness enthusiast.  The Bulgarian Bag strengthens and increases muscular endurance.  It is extremely versatile!  You can work out every single body part and the best part is, you can do it anywhere.  Bulgarian bags come in different sizes so anyone can do the exercises.  Bulgarian Bag training will truly make you stronger and more powerful.  Contact me if you want to try a great and different way to get in shape.

Weight Loss

The most important thing you should know about losing weight is this…EAT FEWER CALORIES THAN ARE EXPENDED AND THERE WILL BE A REDUCTION IN WEIGHT.  It is a simple rule that most people don’t adhere to and that is why most people in America are overweight.  I don’t believe in “diets,” they are temporary and once you stop, you gain the weight right back.  I believe in eating healthy and eating moderation.  Contact me today so we can discuss your weight loss goals.

Postural Correction

Most of us have some sort of pain somewhere on our bodies.  Poor posture will cause altered movement patterns and muscle imbalances.  The pain typically comes from length-tension relationships in our muscles.  If one muscle is tight, then there will be a muscle somewhere that is weak.  Synergistic dominance will occur, and that occurs when one muscle takes over the function of a weak or inhibited muscle.  For example, if you your hip flexor is tight, it will typically mean your gluteus maximus (butt) is weak.  The hamstring will compensate for the weakened gluteus maximus which results in faulty movement patterns, which then lead to hamstring strains and knee pain.  By completing certain assessments, I can help find your muscle imbalances and correct your posture and help alleviate your pain.  Contact me so we can discuss your pain and how to fix your posture.

Muscle Gain

Some people can build muscle quickly, and there are guys like me where it is very difficult to put on any size.  In any case, I can help anyone increase the size of their muscles with proven techniques and nutrition.  Eating correctly and in a timely matter becomes crucial for muscle gain.  Digestion of 4-6 meals a day (along with healthy snacking in between) will be a necessity if you want to gain size. DISCIPLINE comes into play here.  Contact me so we can discuss your muscle gaining goals.


The simple definition of nutrition is the process by which we take in and use food for health, growth, and energy.  Any workout program is incomplete if you don’t incorporate a solid nutrition plan. Regardless if you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger, or just to be in better shape, you will not get the most from your workouts if you are not eating well.  Food consumed in the correct ratios and the right time of day becomes as important as the workouts themselves.  In my opinion, to get to the fitness goals that you desire, it is 85% diet and only 15% working out.  Contact me to get the nutritional guidance you need so you can reach your fitness goals.

Performance Enhancement

No matter what sport you partake in, the main components needed to excel are power, speed, agility, and explosiveness.  I focus on these areas with athletes to maximize their potential and at the same time reduce their risk of injury.  If you want an edge against your competition, contact me so I can help you achieve your performance goals.

Youth Training

I love to teach, and children are the quickest learners.  If the youth are taught about how important fitness is, they will more likely stay fit as they grow older into adulthood.  Obesity is an epidemic that can be combated with proper education at a young age.  Training the youth must be done with caution because they are constantly growing and changing.  I use techniques that do not require weights to train the youth.  I focus on more body weight exercises and cardio fitness.  Contact me if you would like to get your child started on the correct path to a healthy life.

Core Strengthening

The core is my specialty ad I pride myself with having a strong core.  The core is one of the most neglected parts of the body that people work out.  I believe it is the most important part of the body and demands attention.  If you have a weak core, chances are extremely high that you get injured often or experience back pain.  It is vital to keep your midsection strong because it connects your upper and lower body.  Having a weak core will cause you to have poor posture as well.  Contact me if you want to correct your posture and strengthen your core.

Wedding  Preparation

All brides and grooms want to look their best for their wedding day.  The bride wants to look beautiful in her dress and the groom wants to look amazing in his tailored suit.  The aim of pre wedding preparation training is to enhance your health and fitness so you look and feel great in your dress/suit.  Contact me so we can have you looking your best for such a momentous occasion.